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Tired of consistently spending on your latte and don’t have the budget to buy an espresso machine? Don’t stress out, in this blog I will talk about how can you make a latte without needing an espresso machine and these simple steps will help you to save money that you used to spend on your lattes. 

Even I never knew that you can make a latte without a coffee machine until I came across an article at I’ll explain you step by step on how can you make a latte at home. You need to remember that before making latte without espresso machine you need few things on hand:

  1. Water
  2. Latte glass
  3. Spoon
  4. Coffee grounds 
  5. Coffee grinder
  6. Jar with lid
  7. Aeropress

Step#1: Grind your coffee perfectly

The first step in obtaining a latte without an espresso machine. You must load the exact amount of espresso that you want to boil in order to have a rich shot of espresso. Following that, you should begin preparing the coffee. You must guarantee that you obtain the suitable size during mixing, i.e., it must be correctly blended. Otherwise, you will not be able to get all of the nourishment from the bean.

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Step#2: Brew your coffee with an Aeropress

One method for brewing coffee without an espresso machine is to use an Aeropress. You should get the machine because it is inexpensive and simple to obtain. The Aeropress is a piston-style maker that pumps coffee straight into a cup through a thin paper filter.

 If you already have the aeropress machine, you may go on to the additional items you’ll need to make the coffee, such as two filters, hot water, and a coffee jar to collect the liquid. Select the filter papers and insert them while pressing the powered blended bean in the aeropress container with a presser. After that Pour the blended mixture of coffee beans into the aeropress container. After this pour hot water into the aeropress and make sure it does not exceed the mentioned level. You press the water doen the plunger and see the coffee get out into the jar.

Making Coffee with Maka pot

The Maka pot is divided into three parts: the chamber for storing the water, the funnel for pouring the powdered bean, and the receiver, which has a gasket at the bottom through which the coffee will pass for collection.

Filling the chamber with water and the top with your ground espresso beans is the first step. Afterward, place the pot over a source of heat and allow the steam pressure to do its job. You will observe the coffee flowing into the upper section of the kettle as the water continues to boil.

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French press for making coffee

Using a French press to froth milk for your latte is comparable to using an Aeropress machine. Pour the milk into the jar and then use the plunger to move it up and down until you see foam in your milk. You can choose to stop when it is convenient for you. If you are coffee lover and want to know more about coffee visit and find interesting blogs on coffee.